The heap of bills that had accumulated on my drawing board was as dense and layered as the sedimentary rock along the bank of a river. Beneath a topsoil of receipts, new and old, was a layer of hard packed bills from the first three months of the year, then a dense clay of bank statements, then a shale layer of investment statements and tax documents, then a fossil record of credit card statements dating back to last June, and layer upon layer of other schist. So much schist.

I spent part of Saturday and most of Sunday strip mining my own financial history in an attempt to regain some territory in my own workspace. I still need to archive last year’s records, but at least I’m no longer elbows deep in paperwork for a welcome change.

Filing paperwork is one of those never-ending tasks that I inevitably put off until out becomes overwhelming, but then always feel a thousand times calmer and clearer headed once it is done. Just having the desk space back is immensely calming. And these days I need all the serenity I can manufacture.

The weather has been somewhat cooperative at least: spring has sprung and it was finally both warm and sunny enough to open up the house for some fresh air. The city has been lousy with butterflies for the past week or so: running along the bike path felt a bit like running through a Walt Disney fairy tale feature. The fluttering figures drifted past like leaves on the wind, occasionally coming to rest on the weeds in the backyard where they were competing with the hummingbirds for the flowers and the hummingbirds were having NONE OF IT. The backyard turned into a kind of hummingbird/butterfly dogfight until we refilled the hummingbird feeder and proceeded to weed whack all the flora to the ground.

So I guess we are team hummingbird.

We celebrated St Patrick’s Day the California way, which is to say by getting fro-yo and driving up to an overlook to watch the sunset. Although most of the time was spent watching my nephew The Nugget, who was hell bent on dancing along the very edge of the cliff. So the view was both scenic and suspenseful.

So all in all a productive and interesting weekend.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 18, 2019.

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