New Phone Who Dis?

Home sweet home

Ok, technically not new, just lobotomized.

We drove up to Sedona on Sunday to visit some friends and to see the red rock buttes for which it is so well known. (Or, as we’ve been calling them, ‘the butts’.) About halfway up the drive my phone suddenly crashed. And crashed. And crashed. A text had come in. It proceeded to come in sixteen more times. I tried powering off and restarting. I tried putting in in airplane mode. I tried turning off notifications. Once we parked, the Curmudgeonly Lion tried taking out the SIM card (requiring the use of the safety pin in the visor of our car, just in case you were wondering whether our roadtrip story completed its three act arc.) But to no avail. The phone was pretty sure it’s new purpose in life was to crash every fifteen seconds until the battery went dead.

Hey, guess how close I am to the end of my lease on this phone.

So I turned it off and left it off for the rest of the trip. We drove home across the dark desert listening to Queensryche and Motley Crue and eating junk food like roadtrip champions. We turned into our neighborhood at the exact moment Spotify selected, no joke, “Home Sweet Home”, and then fell into bed in satisfactory exhaustion.

I’d taken the precaution of asking for Monday off from work “Just in case” which turned out to be exactly what I needed. The Curmudgeonly Lion spent half the day fussing with the phone and trying to back up enough information that he could do a system restore and wipe the slate clean. If only it were so easy to wipe other slates in life clean… Although in truth I’m still in the phantom limb phase- I keep reaching for apps that aren’t there or photos that weren’t saved or phone numbers that got away. It doesn’t seem to matter what I reach for, it’s not there.

In other ways, though, it’s been kinda nice: maybe it IS time for a new wallpaper. Maybe this does give me just the excuse I needed to get back in touch with various friends and acquaintances. I’d hoped that this trip would help jostle me out of the rut is dug myself into, and maybe this minor misfortune is the key to doing just that.

Looking back, I realize it has been a year for technology rewriting itself to force me into new patterns: first it was my iPod losing ten years of playlists, now it’s my phone… I’m beginning to see a theme here. I just hope I can prove myself to be nimble enough to change direction before my laptop or external hard drives decide they’re going to call it quits. Eep!

The rest of the day was pleasantly given over to just doing things around the house: archiving old bills, unpacking from the trip, going for a run, bringing the cat home from my sister’s place, etc. We had a stay-in date night eating cheese and watching “The Dirt” on Netflix (which was worth it more for the comedic timing of Iwan Rehon and Machine Gun Kelly (who knew?!) Than as a great work of cinema, but I enjoyed it.) Not a glamorous day, but very soothing to the mind: the perfect end to a weekend away.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 26, 2019.

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