Monday On Wednesday

It feels like a Monday. I mean, I know it’s actually Wednesday, but since I was out of the office yesterday, today now feels like the start of the week.

In true Monday form, my brain is still a million miles away from my work- specifically my writing work. I pecked away at my novel on the morning bus ride, but I’m not sure I could say what I actually wrote or if I made any progress. Whatever frequency that I need to be on in order to resonate with my own work seems to be eluding me and I’m not sure why. Some days I can tell it’s because I’m distracted by a mood. Somedays I can tell I’m distracted by my subconscious grinding away at some problem on a nonverbal level that is requiring a lot of bandwidth. Sometimes I’m just distracted. This feels… Different. Woolly-headed. Far away. Like trying to read through thick glass. It’s all there, I just can’t touch it.

So I’m frustrated. I really want to work on the story. I want to dig in and make some new discoveries about the characters and the world. I want to feel the pen putting down a line or my fingers tapping out a rhythm on a keyboard. But mostly all I see is the blinking cursor, taunting me.

So I’m consoling myself by writing letters to friends. I’m reassuring myself that as long as I make contact with the project every day I’m moving it forward even if the progress is slow. I’m rebuf reminding myself to feed the muses by putting words on paper whether or not they’re the right words or well written or useful story points. And I’m settling in to wait for things to fall into place.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 24, 2019.

2 Responses to “Monday On Wednesday”

  1. Even a little bit of progress still counts as progress! You got this!

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