Water Tension

In my dream, (what I remember of it anyway) I am crossing a bridge over a muddy river. It’s a bridge that I’ve crossed many times before and seems like a bridge from my home town: a brown steel superstructure with a wooden deck. The superstructure is lined with wire mesh to prevent anybody from climbing through the gaps and falling or jumping into the river.

In my dream, I’ve just learned that the Powers That Be have declared that the wire mesh is going to be replaced by a solid wall so that people crossing the bridge will not be able to look down and be tempted by the river. Now is my last chance to cross the old bridge.

I’m jogging as I approach the bridge. I have a dime in my hand that I found on the ground. I’m reluctant to part with it because it is lucky and it felt like a good omen to find it, but I feel compelled to drop something into the river while I have the chance.

I toss the dime through the mesh of the bridge superstructure as I jog past, and I make a wish. Although I’m still moving, I look down at the surface of the water to watch the dime disappear. It hits the surface of the water on its edge, but fails to break through. Instead, it rolls along the surface of the water in a wide circle, still balanced on end. I stop running to watch it, certain that it will sink at any moment, but it neither sinks nor falls over. And then I wake up.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 30, 2019.

6 Responses to “Water Tension”

  1. The river is some old fear you are tempted to probe. The bridge is your usual method for getting past certain feelings. The coin is your temptation or a means for contacting some other realm, perhaps contacting a spirit of someone you knew. The bridge is modified because the higher power(s) who want you to not look at the same problem from other directions; just cross it and be done with it. The dime doesn’t do what you want it to because that would open up a whole other can of psychological worms; again, a guiding force says not to get lost in the possible and work with what comes naturally.

    Just a theory.

    • Could be-I know water is supposed to represent emotions and the walling off seems significant. Not sure about the coin though

      • I also just learned there is a Saturn retrograde going on…which seems to say it’s time to go over past doings and reconnect with past faces to sort out what went wrong and correct mistakes…and potentially rethink plans for the future…not a good time to take chances or go on a shopping spree.

        I still say the coin is your way of scratching the situation. If someone told you not to scratch a scab, and you still were itching to do that, anyway, there’s your coin. The coin is like the snake in the Garden of Eden…or in that tunnel you walked. The coin says, “Go on, toss me in and let’s watch the water ripple endlessly with possibilities. The higher power bridge says, “Focus on the simple, preset path. Go with what works or comes naturally. Not what might be thought-provoking.”

      • Another possibility…flipping my previous notions…what if, using your words, you’ve walled off some emotions and are now hearing a voice asking you to crack open that jar you’ve been toting and check yourself? Perhaps that is the Saturn retrograde message. But…how do we figure out which is right? My first theory? This second? Or, something you haven’t reached, yet?

      • The first interpretation seems solid based on the symbols involved but the second interpretation seems more right somehow. The extreme extraordinariness of that dime standing on edge and walking on water seems like an indication of something phenomenal.

      • It’s because I used your words. 😛 That’s a touch of that universe trying to reach you by interstellar phone…what therapists like to do without doing more than poking your surface, letting you solve your own riddle. So, you actually saw the dime rolling on the water…hmm. Sure sounds like something you’re failing to crack, a contact not made perhaps. Like the old saying, “Can you spare me a dime (so I can make a phone call)?”

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