Weekend Review

An old tattoo design I found while cleaning up paperwork- wonder if the guy ever got it done.

It’s not that I didn’t do anything over the weekend: it’s just that I can’t think of anything terribly pertinent to say about it. Saturday consisted of puttering around the house organizing receipts and doing dishes and laundry. I went out long enough to recycle some old phones and earned five whole whopping dollars for them, which I’d be less salty about if the dude in front of me hadn’t walked away with nine hundred and fifty dollars in cash. I don’t know what kind of phones he was recycling, but it definitely explained the disaffected twenty year old platinum blonde girlfriend who didn’t look up from her own phone the whole time they were there.

Ahh money.

I’m trying to retrain myself from: “I wish I had money” to “I wish I had enough” to “I have enough” to “I have plenty” to “I have abundance” but it’s a new muscle for me and I still catch myself coveting that cold, hard cash. For we are, after all, living in a material world.

To distract myself from matters of money I went for a run, and afterwards spent the hour or so of evening twilight digging up the bermuda grass around the rose bushes and applying a layer of steer manure soil amendment. I caught myself thinking that I was literally spreading bullshit around and expecting roses to bloom, but then again sometimes the best way to get a job done is with a thick layer of bullshit.

Later that evening, the Curmudgeonly Lion went out to see Captain Marvel in a good, old fashioned movie date: skipping dinner and just gorging ourselves on movie theatre popcorn instead. I found two pennies in the line for the box office, a penny in front of the cashier at concessions, a dime on the counter by the drinks and a quarter on thehand sanitizer dispenser in the hall leading to the theatres, so I felt like I was heading in the right direction.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, but my own mother lives far away so celebrations had to be limited to a card and a phone call. I had a friend come over for conversation and cheese plate to pass a few hours (after frantically cleaning the house). We chatted about writing and life and artwork and gardens. She brought roses from her own garden that were so barbed with thorns that it was a bit of a blood ritual just trying to get them into a vase, but the smell was amazing and the cat enjoyed eating them.

I went for a run. I went to my writer’s group. I watched Gameof Thrones. The Curmudgeonly Lion and I both turned in for a restless night of vivid nightmares: me waking him out of a dream about driving through a guardrail and over the precipice of a cliff, and him waking me out of a dream in which I was struggling to perform an exorcism and kept trying to say “Be gone from this place!” which kept coming out as “Bbbrghhhgerggh!” thanks to sleep paralysis.

So it was a wild night all around.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 13, 2019.

One Response to “Weekend Review”

  1. No lol Gwydhar he never did! Though it’s so beautiful he’s a fool not too. Michael was always a fool for love. Never knowing perfection when it stared directly at him.

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