Photo by Laura Goggins


I was standing in the shade of an old theatre marquee killing time before an appointment when a pillowy mass landed on the sidewalk beside me. Turning my head to look at it I realized that it was a falcon of some kind sitting on the back of a fat, gray pigeon pinning it to the sidewalk.

I didn’t do anything.

The falcon didn’t do anything.

We just stared at one another for a moment while the pigeon blinked in bewilderment wondering what the hell just happened.

As if embarrassed at having a witness, the falcon released the pigeon and flapped off to the east.

Oh hahajustkidding.

It flew away, heading straight up the lane of oncoming traffic at windshield height and narrowly missing the opportunity to become bug splat on the front of an approaching Subaru. The pigeon, thus released, shook itself and then flapped back up into the branches of a nearby tree as if nothing had happened.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 30, 2019.

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