In Order

A list of useful madness that I keep over my desk.

The heap of bills and paperwork accumulating on my drawing board was beginning to lose structural integrity so I decided it was time to whittle it down a bit. I had half an hour before I needed to get out the door to get to work and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole pile, but I thought I might be able to at least get a start on it and try to put my thoughts on order.

Trying To Put My Thoughts In Order has been the order of business lately. The muses have been generous when it comes to my writing with many useful snippets of various chapters all landing at once. The only problem with this is is that I keep flitting around in the story trying to capture as much of the inspiration as I can and get it down on paper, but none of the pieces join up yet. It’s like discovering a sudden treasure trove of beads and not having any string. Yet.

For now, I’m not worried: there will be plenty of time for organizing once the momentum runs out. Now that I have a hard deadline and a handful of chapters to concentrate on I’m beginning to force myself into “Just Do The Thing” mode. Just put the words on paper. Just find a way to get the story where it needs to go. Just stop worrying about whether it’s “good” or “right”: get ‘er done.

Done is better than good.

Fix it in post. Blasphemy!

It’s helpful as a way to avoid getting too precious about the details. The goal is to write enough content that the story can hold water- I can seal up the cracks afterwards. Besides: it might even be better to have the whole story in front of me in order to make more discerning choices about what to keep and what to change and what to do away with entirely.

So it’s a process. Put the words down. Put my thoughts in order. Keep moving. Focus on finishing.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 31, 2019.

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