“The comedy that you’ve been going through is about to come to a satisfying resolution.”

I was at a friend’s Hollywood wedding at the Houdini estate and I was getting my fortune told. The Curmudgeonly Lion and I had waited in line for over an hour for our run to come, wondering what the future had in store for the two of us. The fortune teller looked up from where she had been squinting at the lines on my hand with the help of a small reading light. “Things will be looking up from here on out. Do you understand what that means?”

I nodded that I did, smiling at the word ‘comedy’ which I had used once in a conversation that had been diverting my life in interesting directions ever since. A ‘satisfying resolution’ to it all was welcome news. I wondered how she’d come to choose the word ‘comedy’ in particular, since it was so specific. Then I realized I was wearing a necklace of comedy and tragedy masks (but with the tragedy masks covered because it was, after all, a wedding) and figured that I knew.

Oh well.

She predicted wealth and success in our future, which was pleasant. “Something to do in film or television”, a statement that was broad enough to apply to nearly anybody at the party considering that it was made up largely of industry friends of the bride. Money was predicted to be “no object” which I optimistically chose to believe meant that we would have an extravagant abundance of it. I supposed afterwards that it might also mean that we might have none of it as an object in our lives, but I chose to ignore that interpretation.

We would travel to Saudi Arabia and to Paris for the Curmudgeonly Lion’s work- which might be working for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia…

I had to give her points for swinging for the fences.

“I’m seeing hundreds of children.” She said, inspecting the pad of the Curmudgeonly Lion’s hand just below his pinky.

“Yeah that seems unlikely- we don’t have kids. Don’t want kids.” He said, which was true: we’d decided that we preferred living as child-free folk, but the Fortune Teller was insistent. “I’m seeing many children.” She said. “Or maybe two? Two girls.”

Two seemed just as unlikely as “hundreds”, but who were we to argue with the psychic forces?

All in all the telling probably took about fifteen minutes, but it went by in the blink of an eye and soon we were walking back down the stairs past the gauntlet of guests still waiting in line.

“Did you win?” They asked- the same question we’d asked everybody else as they descended from their date with destiny. Most of the responses had been subdued and a bit vague as people walked past with furrowed brows and expressions of consternation. I didn’t know what news they’d been given, but nothing in our reading seemed troublesome.

“Yup!” I said. “We’re gonna be rich!” And then we went in search of pancakes.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 5, 2019.

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