And Then There Were Four…

Finally: progress!

I finally completed a chapter of my work-in-progress that “counts”, which is to say that it joins up with the rest of the story in chronological order. This means that I finally get to celebrate with a shot of Writer’s Tears- possibly the very last one left in the bottle. The last time this happened was… Um… February, maybe? March? It has been a minute.

I wasn’t just wasting time: I wrote other chapters since then, just not in chronological order. I have four unfinished chapters yet to go and less than four weeks left in which to do them, so the pressure is on. But I think it is good for me. I’m forcing myself to stay on task and I’m *trying* to force myself to not be too precious with the material. Done is better than good. Done is better than good. But it’s an uphill battle: I keep catching myself fiddling around with cut-and-paste trying to tune the scenes so that the music of them sounds right. So every chapter feels like a victory now.

Forgive me for my countdown: finally completing a draft of this novel is a big deal for me. The character has been knocking around in my head since 2006, and I’ve been actively, seriously, regularly working on the draft since 2016. So it has been a while coming and I’m trying to remember to enjoy the final sprint even while I’m beside myself with excitement to see how it turns out.

Soon. Soon we will know how the story comes together. But for tonight, we celebrate.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 6, 2019.

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