Muse’s Share

There was an unknown sized dram of whiskey left in the bottom of the bottle of Writer’s Tears, and I didn’t quite know what to do with it. This particular bottle of Writer’s Tears had been my progress gauge over the course of the past year: each time I completed a chapter of my novel, I would reward myself with a shot of whiskey and mark the new level on the bottle, labeling it with the chapter title and the date of completion. I had recently completed a chapter which seemed likely to be the end of the bottle, but when I poured it out there was still a small half-portion left in the bottom: not quite enough for a chapter, too much to just fudge away.

Oh well, I told myself. I significantly REVISED several chapters- maybe I could count it towards that?

I thought this seemed like a good compromise.

I sat down at my desk and poured the dregs of the bottle into the traditional glass: a souvenir shot glass from a Glaswegian friend emblazoned with the Scottish flash. It amounted to about tree quarters of an ounce, and I set it aside, determined that I was going to take my time and really enjoy it.

And then I got distracted and forgot about it and closed up my office leaving it beside my laptop, untouched.

The next morning, half of it was gone. Evaporated, I assumed- the weather had peaked into three digits in the late afternoon, and the room was still warm. The Angel’s Share. I told myself: the poetic nickname for portion of whiskey lost to evaporation during the aging process.

Maybe this was a hint. I thought. Muses like to celebrate too, you know.

Maybe this last little dram was meant to be the Muse’s share: an acknowledgement of their unseen influence which had made these chapters possible in the first place.

I took a moment to concentrate on my gratitude towards them: the whispering voices that had guided me for so long. I raised the glass to them, then I left it on the desk untasted and closed up the office to head to work hoping that they would continue to favor me as I completed the final chapters.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 10, 2019.

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