Today’s going to be the day. I told myself, Today is going to be the day I finish the final chapter of my novel.

But I lied.

Not on purpose: I’d felt pretty certain about myself first thing in the morning, and I did diligently work on all my usual writing breaks and made good progress: just not quite enough. And I made the mistake of giving in to temptation to tinker with an earlier chapter in order to set up a plot point in more smoothly instead of just jamming it into the unfinished chapter simply because that was the only “unfinished” bit.

The perils of working non linearly.

But every day I move a little bit closer to the finish line and I’m still on track to meet my deadline, although I might have to spend a day or two afterwards running a spell check and doing a continuity read to check for plot holes.

Every day a step forward…

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 25, 2019.

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