When it comes to the task of buying snacks for travel, it turns out that I am a ten year old child with a fist full of sweaty dollars burning a hole in my pocket in the junk food aisle. There were no healthy choices involved: Slim Jim’s, and Takis, and pork rings, and candybars, and gummy bears. Oh my.

My only acknowledgment of adult restraint was to stick to a budget of only eight sweaty dollars worth of junk food as I flitted around the dollar store. Luckily, by the time it came to eat all these magnificent treats, I had regained some further self-control, and managed to pace myself. Somehow, I even managed to get home with about half my loot unopened.

My taste for empty calories was not limited to foodstuffs: I found myself at the library searching for reading material for the plane. I want EASY READING. I told myself; I’d been having difficulty finishing books for the past six months. I blamed it on my writing- that too much of my bandwidth was tied up in finishing the draft of my own novel to find any other books appealing. But now I wanted to get back into the habit and by jingo I did not want to be challenged. I wanted something fun. Something with momentum. A best seller.

My philosophy was simple: choose a book based on how much shelf space the author had colonized at the local branch of the library. Michael Crighton. Ken Follett. Neil Gaiman. I balked a bit at the vast estates of Danielle Steele. I didn’t quite know how to approach the imposing territory of Tom Clancy.

I still walked out with more books than I could carry on my flight. I chose three of the narrowest books for my carry on: The Ocean At The End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman (finished on the outbound leg of the journey) Thank You For Smoking by Christopher Buckley (finished on the return leg of the journey) and Big Fish by Daniel Wallace (never once cracked).

Well, at least I was getting back into the habit of reading.

So clearly I’m feeling the impulse to prioritize simple pleasures. I suppose that’s fitting for the summer months. Now without my writing I feel a bit adrift, which is maybe a good thing for a change. I’m interested to see where this takes me.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 10, 2019.

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