Gold Star / Candy Bar

Ok, I feel a bit better now.

Yesterday’s post turned into a bit of a rant, which was cathartic to get the chaos out of my system and helped me to get my head on straight. I went home after work, ate dinner, tidied the kitchen, then sat down and set out my very first query letter to an agent.

I’m sure I made any number of faux pas that I will soon learn to be embarrassed about: you wrote WHAT in your query letter? You sent it to WHO?! But for now I feel good for just getting over the hump of getting started: querying has moved from future tense to present tense. From planning to implementation.

The way I see it, I probably have hundreds of rejections ahead of me, so maybe it’s a numbers game that I should try to lean into: see how many of them I can earn for myself this year. Not because I think I’m going to fail (I’m going to get accepted rental) or that I’m not finding good fits (I’m doing my best to find likely matches) for the work or that the work isn’t good (it’s goddamn fantastic) but because I realize that it’s a numbers game and hopefully this will prevent me from getting too precious about any of my individual submissions. And if I can stay focused on the process I’ll get less frustrated than if I focus on the results. Did you send your query today? Yes? Gold star. Did you get rejected? That’s ok: have a candy bar.

Rejection might as well taste sweet.

So much for living without goals. Dangit. Just can’t seem to help myself.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 12, 2019.

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