Summer Reads

Girl Reading by Charles Edward Perugini

I just finished reading “A Place Called Freedom” by Ken Follett over my lunch hour, and I regret it a bit since now I won’t have anything to read on the bus ride home, but I do feel good knowing I’ve gotten a toehold on my reading goals for the month of August. It feels so good to read for pleasure again!

It was a pleasant read, but not particularly challenging: which actually made it ideal. Sometimes I need complex and nuanced writing and sometimes I just want something exciting and fast paced. I’m definitely still in the latter category right now. I keep having to remind myself that it’s ok to have fun and relax but it’s a new muscle for me. My mind has largely interpreted it as an excuse to shut down all non essential functions and go into a kind of summer hibernation. I can motivate myself periodically to accomplish discrete tasks (Write Your Blog, for instance, or Return That Phone Call) but mostly my default state is one of restful langor.

On the plus side, my mood has steadied out for the past few days, which is a profound relief. Although I don’t seem to have the drive to stay On Task at every minute, I am seeing small steps of progress beginning to happen. This gives me hope.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 2, 2019.

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