At Last

Friday at last. This week was a rollercoaster and I’m still working to keep myself in balance. Wednesday was quite a good day, mood wise. Thursday was quite difficult. Yesterday when I got home from work the Curmudgeonly Lion suggested that we walk to the corner for pizza for dinner. There was a little mom’n’ pop shop there that he’d seen while driving past and thought it looked like someplace worth checking out. As the resident pizza expert, I was inclined to defer to his expertise. And I needed the walk: for two days in a row I’d driven to work in order to be able to get to my afternoon appointments. (Yesterday’s appointment was cancelled last minute, which was partly the reason for my sour mood). Driving to work meant I hadn’t gotten my daily walk in.

The pizza place was a nondescript storefront. The walls were painted orange with white trim and the dining area was empty; no surprise since the air conditioning seemed to be off and the space was stuffy and hot with the setting sun. A single employee worked as cashier, cook, and bottle washer: stepping away from the counter for an interlude to box up a pizza from the oven in the back while we surveyed the menu board. We ordered a Supreme; which at this place meant it had everything on it. Everything. Including pineapple and jalapeno (we asked for these on the side).

The pizza was due to take ten minutes to bake so we stepped outside to wait and watch the traffic go by. When we went back in, a second worker was there: possibly the owner- who offered us a free piece of cake while we waited, but at that moment the pizza became ready. The gentleman offered to box up the cake- I felt awkward accepting it since we hadn’t paid for it, but he seemed encouraging so I accepted. It was worth it: turns out it was a lemon cake and it was fantastic and I never would have tried it on my own, but darn tooting I’ll be ordering it if I ever go back.

We walked home, both ravenous, and descended on the pizza like piranhas. It was delicious: different than a fast food pizza like we might have gotten from Pizza Hut or Little Caesar’s, but we both agreed it would be worth getting again. With food, my mood improved, and I felt human again: a state that I worked to maintain throughout today. (So far, so good.) With luck, the weekend will be uncomplicated and calm. We shall see.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 9, 2019.

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