Horse Pose

I stopped writing for a week or so. Even though my mood has been steadier lately, I was still struggling with a sense of futility, and writing a daily post felt like more work than I really had the bandwidth for. So, I took a break. I even considered, for a while, giving it up for good. (Does this spark joy? Let it go.) But here I am feeling motivated and optimistic again so I figured I’ll give it another shot.

My routine of daily goals has been slowly eroding over the past few months: for a while I was trying to chronicle my days with just a line or two describing what I did and what happened, but that fell by the wayside at the beginning of August. Next was planking: low energy coupled with low motivation coupled with summer heat made planking intermittently feel like too much effort.

And, most recently, the blogging.

Some days it seems like the only goal I still manage to accomplish is flossing my teeth.

Over the weekend I learned of a new static exercise to try called Horse Pose- a kind of wide-stanced squat that forms a useful basis for various martial arts. I was curious to know how difficult I would find it to hold this pose, so I gave it a try (I can only sustain it for about two minutes at a time) and found it satisfyingly difficult. Five minutes of Horse Pose (broken up into segments because I’m a newbie) plus five minutes of planking is enough to work up a legitimate full body sweat, and feels like a very satisfying and very brief workout. I might be adding this to my permanent rotation.

In unrelated news: for the first time in years, all my nails are looking at the same time, so I decided to treat myself to a bottle of nail polish. I almost never paint my nails, except very occasionally with clear polish. I’m not good about applying it or maintaining it, and I tend to be so hands-on with my creative pursuits that my nails are often in bad shape. So the fact they were all pretty even and strong seemed like a good reason to make an exception.

I bought a bottle of gold colored polish: fancy enough to feel special, subtle enough to feel practical, and spent some time over the long weekend applying it carefully in layers. So far I feel pretty good about the results: thereal test will be to see how long it lasts.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 3, 2019.

One Response to “Horse Pose”

  1. Nice work on the nails, see, something that you have and did that I can compliment on. Used to do horse pose/stance when I studied karate, and yea in the beginning it is a bitch to hold for very long until you strengthen the muscles. Then, you can work on holding things at arms length while you do it. And keep up the posts, I like reading the updates

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