Life Change

Yikes, it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve written a post, and considering my mood struggles this summer it would be easy to interpret my sudden radio silence as Bad News, but it’s not. In fact, it’s because of good news: I have started a new job. I’m now a production assistant at Paramount Animation on a film called “Rumble” that is due to come out next July. It’s a fantastic little film and I love it and the team behind it already.

The new routine is taking some getting used to: my work day is technically longer, but I’m on a weekly rate instead of an hourly one. I’m driving my commute instead of riding the bus, which takes less time but also means it’s time I can’t use for writing and I don’t get in my daily walk. I’m trying to listen to audio books to see if that helps, starting with the book selected for the monthly book club: “The Snowman” by Jo Nesbø. So far so good.

So I’m still settling into the new pattern, but over all my mood is much improved. Last Friday I went rollerskating with a couple coworkers and had a great time. The skating rink looked exactly like the one I grew up with: right down to the rainbow carpet. This week I got to assist on a day of recording sessions for various voice actors, which felt like being back in the USC sound department, which felt like being home. Things seem to be off to a good start.

In the meantime, I’ve still been writing- or, more specifically, editing. I keep sending out query letters but find myself feeling self conscious about my wordcount being so long, so I’ve been going chapter by chapter trimming as much fat as possible without cutting into the meat of the story. So far I’ve trimmed out about seventy-five pages, which equates to about 20,000 words. I’m about halfway through the story, and I’m hoping to get out down another 30,000, but we shall see. I also submitted the manuscript to a mentorship program called PitchWars, but I suspect the length might might make it an unlikely candidate. I’ve been lurking in the #PWTeasers thread on Twitter where the various mentors mention different things they’re reading and like to pretend the nice things they’re saying might be about my work. No few requests yet, though.

So that’s what’s been new in my life.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 4, 2019.

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