Dressed Up

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed in the costume game here at the office today. I was under the impression that everyone was quite enthusiastic about dressing up- the photos from last year certainly reinforced this impression considering that three people were decked out in full dinosaur suits. I worried that I would look like a stick-in-the-mud if I didn’t put in at least a token effort.

I didn’t really have much plan: I decided I could make do by affecting a 1920s aesthetic out of some Goodwill clothes I’d collected throughout the year: a long black dress, a drapey gray shal shawl, a fur stole… I figured I could pin up my hair and maybe hide it under a scarf or a turban… It would be festive, but functional enough to work in.

I was the only person dressed up on the bus. I tried to not let this bother me, but I felt self conscious. I was the only person dressed up on the train. I was the only person dressed up in Hollywood, it seemed. I worried, irrationally, that I’d somehow gotten the date wrong.

Ok, so it’s early- most people aren’t thinking about costumes yet.” I told myself. “Don’t worry: once you get to work you’ll fit right in.”

I did not fit right in. Apparently it was a half-hearted costume year. Only a handful of people dressed up: me included.


I suppose I could’ve just gotten rid of parts of the costume: shed the stole, take down my hair, lighten up on the makeup. But I’m committed now. I’m going to stick it out.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 31, 2019.

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