Looking back

Some years it do be like that.

My mom sent an email out asking for updates on our year to be included in the annual Christmas letter. Thus caused me to have two realizations: first that it’s getting to be That Time Of Year and I’m going to need to start thinking about all the things I want to wrap up before the holidays, and two, that this has been a fairly eventful year for travel and benchmarks.

This time last year I found myself looking back only to discover that I didn’t have anything to share. It was both freeing (it meant I could be forgiven for not sending a newsletter) and discouraging (as it meant that a year of my life was going by without anything remarkable to snow for it). So it feels good to have news to share this year: like I’ve turned a corner. Like I’ve taken a step forward.

Looking back over the year also meant looking back over the year’s photos in search of a good picture to include. We’d attended several weddings, so I hoped to find something that I could use without needing to put in a lot of effort to take one. It was a complicated year for photos: on one hand I felt pretty good about my looks thanks to some new hair styling and weight change, but in the other hand is spent so much of the year under such a dark cloud of depression that there were a lot of pictures in which I just couldn’t bring myself to smile. I was relieved to discover that I still had quite a few good options to choose from: maybe, in spite of my volatile mood, I actually had something to show for myself.

At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that looking back over the lady year was not quite the chore I feared it would be. Maybe it is a Sign of good things to come.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 8, 2019.

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