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So, I signed up for a Twitter raffle called #Revpit, #10Queries, and my name was drawn. This meant that I had won the opportunity to submit my query letter and the first ten pages of my manuscript to a team of professional editors; one of whom would read them and would tweet anonymous feedback on them today.

The idea behind this was that participants like me could get some feedback on our attempts at self-promotion and anybody else looking at the hashtag could gain instructive insight based on other people’s mistakes.

So, today was the day. And I was dreading it. The day got off to a bad start: I hadn’t slept well and I was in a sour mood and I’d already gotten a rejection notice on one of my actual queries to an agent and it wasn’t even 7am yet. Nonetheless, I spent the day returning again and again to the hashtag, trying to guess which tweet referred to my work. (I’ll find out by email once all the responses have been posted). But I have to admit I’ve actually been enjoying it: on responses that contain critique there is usually a grain of sound advice for making adjustments, and on responses that find the submissions to be successful, it is fun to see the excitement.

I find I’m experiencing vicarious pleasure reading good responses even when they are directed to a work that was clearly not my own: I find it so reassuring just to know that such good responses CAN be reached when the right material meets the right reader.

So, I’m looking forward to sharing the responses once I find out which ones are mine. Stay tuned.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 3, 2020.

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