Moving Stationary

The Curmudgeonly Lion had to work on Saturday giving me the house to myself for the early part of the day. And what did I do with all this alone time? Organized my stationary, that’s what.

I have a lot of stationary. I always ask for it for Christmas and birthdays, and somehow it has accumulated over the years into an abundant collection- which I love- but it was spread out over three or four different cabinets and drawers and I didn’t even know what I had anymore. So, I spent hours going through it, consolidating it, sorting it, moving it around… In the end I didn’t get rid of much, but at least now I have a better sense of what I have on hand.

I might just be in an organizing mode: later in the evening I went out to the shed and spent forty minutes tidying and consolidating there as well. It feels good to have it done, but I kinda wish it hadn’t taken me all day to do it. Hopefully, just having a clearer mind moving forward will be helpful in the long run.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 16, 2020.

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