Bass Show

Went to a friend’s bass show/birthday party on Saturday night for a change of pace. I didn’t get to RSVP until the morning of the show on account of not knowing whether I was going to be working that day: the film I’ve been working on was slated to have a “friends and family” screening which, by some arcane twist of logic, did not include the friends or family of anybody on the crew. Still, it had been a busy week of long days and late nights and Murphy’s Law seemed to dictate that I’d get called in to work if I tried to make other plans, which left things to the last minute.

But things worked out and my schedule cleared up and we were able to go.

The party was for a friend I hadn’t seen not heard from in over a year. Partly, this was my own fault for not keeping in touch: at the time- in the most dramatic pitches of my depression, it had just been too much work. I was glad to find her in good spirits: promoting a new album and killing it on stage. A good time was had by all, and by the time we went home we felt like we’d had enough of a good time to merit staying out past our bedtime.

When I wasn’t out enjoying the Los Angeles music scene, I was holed up at home, focused on fine tuning the manuscript for my novel. I’d recently gotten a request from an agent to read the full draft and I was anxious to get my word count down to a fighting weight. I’d promised a 180,000 word novel and my manuscript was still weighing in at 184,700 and some change. In truth, I’d expected it to take longer for my more recent queries to bear any fruit and thought I’d have plenty of time to fiddle with individual sentences to my heart’s content. Instead, I found myself suddenly On Deadline and kept having to remind myself to stay on task.

I stayed on task.

At least, I stayed on task enough to reach my word count goal and to have a draft ready to send as of this morning. It is now off in the wide world in search of its fortune. I eagerly await news of its journey.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 24, 2020.

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