It’s Here!

For the past four and a half months, I’ve been working at Paramount Animation on an upcoming feature called “Rumble”, and for the past four and a half months I’ve been dying to share news about it. Well today is my chance! The trailer just dropped online and all day the whole office has been anxiously watching reaction videos on YouTube to see if people like it. Most of the response has been very positive: all I know for sure is that even after watching it multiple times of day every day I’m still enjoying it. I have a cool day job.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 26, 2020.

4 Responses to “It’s Here!”

  1. So, the premise is a family-friendly take on the Rampage video games? Giant monsters accepted as sport/wrestling figures and coping with celebrity status?
    And, you watch this trailer multiple times every day, like you’re stuck in front of a bank of TVs, working at Best Buy?

  2. I made tiny videos of animated book cover designs for a series I’m working on…I watched those videos multiple times over a few weeks…and, eventually, I grew sick of looking at them. But, I get that your own hard work could be worth scrutinizing for a while.

    The trailer, like so many family-friendly computer-animated films, is cute and remotely funny, as a teaser of sorts. But, it needs a bit more to sell the story, I imagine. But, like I just surmised, this is just the first taste, the teaser trailer to get an initial response to art quality and characters…like what they did with Sonic before people revolted.

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