Fathead Lembas


So, the Curmudgeonly Lion and I have been making an attempt to adopt a more keto friendly diet. This was the recommendation of his doctor some months ago as a way to improve his overall health, which wasn’t bad, but needed a bit of a boost. The holidays did not seem like the time to attempt this, so we waited until the new year to begin easing ourselves into the new habits and only recently got to the point where we started to get serious about it.

“Keto”, for the folks not in the know, is where you try to avoid carbs, starches, and sugars and instead focus on eating proteins and fat to encourage your body to go into “ketosis”: a digestive mechanism that breaks down fats instead of relying on insulin. It takes a little getting used to- it’s not a lifestyle choice that you can go halfsies on: it takes a couple days to cultivate the ketosis state and if you eat carbs or sugar, your body will switch back over to the insulin system.

As it turns out, a global pandemic is a difficult time to give up carbs. Carbs are in everything. Especially comfort food.

The poor Curmudgeonly Lion, raised Italian, has been pining for bread in the worst way. We checked out a couple of keto cookbooks from the library and decided to try a recipe for “Fathead dough” to make a pizza crust. Fathead dough consists mainly of mozzarella cheese held together with almond and coconut flour. (Keto!) My first attempt was… not great: the cheese melted into a giant lump and I had to kind of mash the rest of the ingredients as best as I could by hand. But it did turn into a medium-stretchy kind of dough that I was able to mash into the shape of a pizza crust.

Over all, I quite liked it: it browned nicely. It held up pretty well. It got crispy on the edges. It tasted faintly of a shortbread macaroon. An extremely salty shortbread macaroon. And BOY HOWDY WAS IT FILLING! Two dainty little slices of pizza hit my stomach like an anvil. I might never need to eat again.

It put me in mind of the “lembas” bread from the “Lord of the Rings”: elven bread that is supposed to stay good on the road and be so filling that you only need a little nibble to feel full. Pretty sure lembas is keto-friendly. Just a guess.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 7, 2020.

2 Responses to “Fathead Lembas”

  1. But how many loaves would a Hobbit need to eat on the road to feel full? LoL.

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