It feels like I might have reached a tipping point in the new work-from-home routine. The novelty has certainly worn off, that’s for sure, and now that it is clear that the quarantine is going to go on for a while, the Powers That Be are now adjusting their plans accordingly and the workload is settling into a new normal.

Mostly, I spent the whole day shuttling between different video-conferencing sessions: BlueJeans, Evercast, Zoom, and Google Hangout- I think the only ones I didn’t have were Skype and Facetime. A full third of this time was spent troubleshooting the video conference: I can see you but I can’t hear you. Ok, you hang up and try calling me. Ok I’ll hang up and try calling you. Mute the mic on one of your devices- you’re getting feedback. No, there’s a delay. I can see it but it’s really slow. I can’t see it. You’re frozen. I’m frozen. Wait, what’s that noise?


If ever I needed to go outside and run around at the end of a day, this would be it. Normally, on Thursdays, there is a virtual Happy Hour and usually I go and quite enjoy it, but as of right now the Happy Hour has already been underway for almost ten minutes and I’m still troubleshooting a digital editing room, so… I might just have to take a pass.

I’m sure that I’ll eventually settle into the new workflow. I’m sure that work will be much more satisfying again once it actually goes back to being about the work instead of about the glitches.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 16, 2020.

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