Little Boxes

“Think big!” Everybody says, but lately I’ve been thinking small; miniature in fact.In my free time between work-from-home and the business of living life in quarantine I’ve been working on a diorama that I hope to build out of a guitar case-shaped lunch box. It’s been a casual side project since January.And when I say “casual side project” I really mean it has “mostly been gathering dust” since January.For several months, I just kinda stared wistfully at all my supplies while I tried to think of how I wanted to get started. It was going to require me to build out the lunch box with false walls and a floor and, because I was feeling ambitious, I was going to have to figure out how to run wiring for lighting, which really meant I was going to have to get the Curmudgeonly Lion to figure out wiring for lighting… so for a long time I just procrastinated.The Safer At Home order actually turned out to be a blessing. I set up my work-from-home arrangement on my drawing board, which means I spend my day staring at all my art supplies and now, in the quiet moments, I can do a bit of doodling here and there: you know, little things like cutting out miniature labels to go on teeny-tiny little bottles or printing out miniature pages for minute magazines, etc. Just little fiddly projects to keep my hands busy.Today’s project was making a box. A tiny, little cardboard box. I had some thin corrugated cardboard sitting around and thought I’d see how hard it would be to cut out a box. It took several tries: for some reason I really struggled with the concept that boxes needed to have FOUR sides. (For three of my attempts, I was pretty sure three would do.) Finally, I put together a mock-up that I’m pretty proud of. The only reason I’m considering it a “mock up” is because I want to make a second version and use the right side of the cardboard for the outside. This version is *fine*, but there is an imprint of a full-sized corrugation that looks out of scale.Anyway, so this is what I’ve been occupying my mind with lately.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 6, 2020.

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