Alert readers may notice I’m using the phonetic alphabet which is why I’m using “k” instead of “c”.

I recently learned about the concept of sigils. That is to say, I recently learned about the idea of using a sigil as a ritual object: a way of focusing the subconscious mind on an intention or goal. Or, maybe more accurately, a way of engaging to non-verbal right-brain resources to help solve problems in order to reach a goal.

The mindset isn’t new to me: I usually think of it as “putting something on a back burner”: setting a project aside to let it simmer without poking at it. I often find, when I do this after becoming stumped on a problem, that I will come back to the project later and discover that the answers are waiting for me: some non-linear part of my mind has sorted through the tangle and figured out which strand to pull to unknot my thoughts.

Making sigils is a similar activity. The steps are simple:

  • Think of a specific, actionable goal.
    • (Ex. To become more fulfilled by my creative pursuits)
  • Condense it into a single, specific, present tense sentence; phrasing it as if it is something you already have.
    • (Ex. my creative pursuits fulfill me)
  • Cross out the vowels.
    • (Ex. m crtv prsts flfll m)
  • Cross out any duplicate letters.
    • (Ex. MCRTVPSFL)
  • Use the remaining letters to design a single symbol to represent the goal making it look any way that feels “right”.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. There are additional steps to “activate” the sigil by thinking deeply on one’s goals while looking at it, but I haven’t tried it yet. I will say that it was enormously relaxing just to play around with the shapes and coming up with alternatives. A bit like a puzzle with no wrong answers, but only one “right” one- that I get to choose.

Perhaps all this is just another form of escapism from the chaos of These Times, but if it brings me a bit of peace and satisfaction I’ll take it.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 5, 2020.

3 Responses to “Sigiloquy”

  1. So, instead of working on our project, you tinkered with sigils, ay? 😛 Ever watch Game of Thrones? It was full of sigil talk, but their sigils were heads of creatures, like the wolf and hydra.

    • Just got around to posting my toilet paper fashion- did you get a chance to check it out?

      • Not yet. I’ve been engrossed in nephew games and staying up way too late too many days in a row…I feel like Katy Perry waking up in Vegas, without the love affair and hot car to escape the city.

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