Horse Dream

In my dream, I was riding a horse through my childhood neighborhood. I think the horse might’ve been gold colored, I don’t quite remember now, but it was definitely massive: a big draft horse of some kind. We seemed to be familiar with each other and just kind of ambled along the street at a leisurely pace. The middle of the street is (was) anchored by a grand, Tudor style house. I looked onto the grass of the lawn and saw a scattering of yellow and black feathers. Bright yellow. Traffic sign yellow. I wanted to collect them: I try to pick up feathers whenever I find them for my Mom, and I’d never seen feathers that color before: certainly not that big- as big as crow feathers.

I climbed down off the horse to pick them up and then climb back up. Sometime between the feathers and making it to my folks’ house the horse became loaded with four other people like a horse minivan. We went into my folks’ garage and I climbed down as the garage door closed behind us, but as I did, something spooked the horse and it began to back up until I was worried it would back right through the door. I caught it by the bridle and managed to calm it down.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 15, 2020.

5 Responses to “Horse Dream”

  1. A big horse to match your physique and/or persona.. A strong workhorse who is just as easily shaken by something as small as a mouse, perhaps. A Clydesdale or Percheron (I think is the correct spelling though the computer says no). Based upon your presumed heritage, maybe a Shire, Fjord or Irish Draft horse. The sort of meaty horse Bugs Bunny rode in that one cartoon, long ago, when he dressed up like a Norse maiden to trick someone, probably Elmer Fudd.

    Feathers from the legendary Zapdos of Pokemon fame.

    It seems like the horse is a vehicle for your self-confidence or comfort zone, and the comfort zone was shaken by the thought of confinement. It was content to add people to its back but not put them in a permanent box. Perhaps the horse had concerns about sharing the company of those other riders with your family…as I would introducing a girlfriend, guy friend or coworker to my family. [It just doesn’t go well…so I get anxious at the thought.]

    The feathers were mostly bright yellow, like the color of caution; perhaps a warning of what was to come and a question of you coping with your nerves. Perhaps this is all in anticipation of some family gathering that is either pending or necessary.

    • Nice- these are great interpretations! (Pretty sure I was dreaming about a percheron- I’d just found a beautiful picture of one online so it was probably in my mind).

      • The mind does tend to work that way, putting, at least, one thing you recently saw or experienced into the current dream. Sometimes it’s more apparent than in others. Most of my most memorable dreams involve me finding myself in one of a half-dozen bizarre places. And, every so often, I add a new one to the list. But, I don’t recall as many items that were recently experienced…probably because I need to make journal entries that focus on what I did before I had the dream.

      • True, although my most recent dream was about trying to assemble a car out of collapsible parts so not sure where that comes from

      • A new riddle to decode… I would have to give that metaphor some thought and probably come up with a dozen possible explanations. One being the car as a means of stretching your comfort zone or escaping some rut and having to keep that transit a secret, hence you collapsing the parts like putting Lego blocks away when the parents think you are making a mess. A childlike response to protect the creation you build, your life’s work.

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