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Also, here’s a wreath I’m decorating for Midsummer

I’m reaching that point in quarantine where I keep sitting down to write a letter, or write in my journal, or write a post only to discover that I can’t think of much to write about. My days are reasonably full of activity, it’s just that most of it isn’t very news worthy. I guess that’s good: it’s nice to just have the time to experiment and putter around without feeling like I hAvE tO hAvE sOmEtHiNg To ShOw FoR iT.

Here are some highlights from the past few days:

  • A neighbor left a bunch of boxes out at the curb of things they were getting rid of. So I’m now the proud owner of four spools of curling ribbon, a wall clock, and a set of coasters. I also found a little porcelain statuette of a bride-and-groom that I put in my flowerbed-bed beside the rose plant that I gave the Cumudgeonly Lion for our eight wedding anniversary
  • I made keto friendly noodles on Sunday out of oat fiber and gluten. They actually turned out really well: felt and tasted just like fancy, gourmet fettuccine (I still need to try the spaghetti cutting attachment for the pasta maker).
  • I finished reading “Half A Yellow Sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I was reading it for an upcoming book club meeting. Last month’s book was “The House of the Spirits” by Isabelle Allende. Both books were excellent, buuuuuuut both books take place in countries undergoing violent coups and I might *possibly* not be in the best head-space to be reading about that right now, considering These Times.
  • I seem to be utterly incapable of getting any writing done. Like, my brain says it wants to, but then I spend hours scrolling through social media.
  • I found a nice stick on my run the other day and proceeded to use it to help gather up pine resin along the path. And some nice pine cones. I found a nice feather too.
  • The tomato plants are taunting me: the fruit is right there! And it’s almost ready! But not quite yet! Soooon….
Compared to last year I look SO much happier
  • I got out my hammock for the summer, but haven’t really gotten much use out of it yet.
  • I changed out a bunch of dead lightbulbs around the house and now I’m thinking of turning the dead ones into wind chimes. (This is the kind of thing my procrastination keeps throwing at me to help me avoid writing.)
  • I made a keto friendly chocolate chip cookie in the air fryer: it tasted like a cookie but it was the texture of bread. Mixed feelings on this.

I mean, I guess that’s kind of everything that’s worth sharing lately.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 18, 2020.

8 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Determining what is “newsworthy” is subject to a flux of flip-flop depression influences. One moment something can seem worth sharing; the next you frown and feel self-conscious, not sure anyone needs or wants to hear what you have to say. Is this a valid assessment of your situation?

    Again, or also, I would say the urge to write or share some bit of your thoughts with a faceless part of the universe is a desire for companionship. My nephews perpetually request someone to watch them do things and go with them to the restroom. They have not broken that bond of dependency with anyone to do anything on their own…and, unlike my childhood experience, in which my mother was SO protective that I could not do anything without her permission, my nephews are lucky if they get more than five harsh words out of their parents who have their eyes glued to screens all day…so why they feel restrained and unable to act on their own impulses, I don’t know. My parents never fueled me to do anything, either, yet I was curious enough to get into trouble, anyway, and was able to find contentment in solitary activities. I may have begged my parents to do things with me, but I never expected them to escort me to the bathroom or watch me play something they didn’t enjoy…but a lil respect and acceptance of me using the family TV room for video games, now and then, might have been nice.

    So, perhaps, a part of you is sending out a signal here, telling the universe to send you some company. And, here I am, again. 😀

    [OR, some “adult” prodded you to speak up instead of being a meek, quiet mouse, at some early stage of your life. And, that has manifested this way.]

    But, I think, what you really need and what I cannot guarantee provision of is a “gal pal” to sit down with you and “discuss the dailies;” someone who will balance your need to voice every lil thing that crosses your mind which the rest of the world, or just one lion, may be suppressing. Again, referring to my nephews’ situation, they have parents who provide the essentials but don’t interact much with them on their level; so they turn to ME to fill in those gaps.

    On a lighter, creative note, I like the wreath and the turtle attached…but I’d display them separately…though the thought of a turtle sitting on a swing is mildly amusing. 🙂

    A rose plant for an anniversary gift? I know most guys wouldn’t approve of that…but I’d be okay with it. 🙂 I’d both tend and try to get creative with the roses.

    As for the boxes of stuff cast out by the neighbor…did you really have to be the one to take all of it? I would take the ribbon, maybe…but the rest, meh. It…it just makes me afraid of becoming a hoarder… I certainly don’t need a wall clock….I detest clocks, actually, and would rather have a wristwatch and one gentle alarm clock for getting up every day. [Actually, I’d rather get up with the sun and let nature be my clock, but the conventional world does not work that way.]

    Wait, so you made some KETO-friendly food which promotes gluten? So, while gluten-intolerant people are avoiding gluten like the plague, you are encouraging use of it?…why?

    I wish I could pronounce the name of that first author, but I cannot… I may give myself a permanent kink in the neck and tongue if I try. The second author’s name is much more fluid and pleasant. 🙂

    So, war-torn world dramas?…I wouldn’t do well reading those, either. It was like reading A Tale of Two Cities as a teen. If I give that book a second try, now, I might do better than I did then. Yet, strangely, I was able to read a book about a guy surviving a Russian prison camp…and have stamped it one of the best books I’ve read, just because I was able to process it.

    I have your same writing constipation, except I am not swimming in social media…maybe because I don’t have a portable gizmo I can keep glued to my hand all day. I am restricted to a laptop and don’t get to flick it on when I want….probably a good thing and one more reason all this modern tech concerns me. We are being “cattle-d” into submission to the tech.

    If you are being taunted by not-yet-ripe tomato plants, perhaps you can use this time to prepare them for submitting their fruit. Maybe treat them extra kindly to “food” and/or decorate their space in a way that would make the plant (not you) happier…if that makes sense. It might control your impulse to pick at them.

    [I feel a bit like Lily Allen from those phone/internet service ads for a brand/company I forget…what is her allegiance, again? AT&T? “You can put googly eyes on your stuff and pretend you have friends!”]

    • Mostly I try to write my blog posts to keep in the habit of writing every day- although clearly that has fallen by the wayside a bit. I prefer to have a single coherent thought to share with a beginning, a middle, and an end and something approaching a “point” but some days I just have a lot of little bits and pieces.
      The Keto diet emphasizes avoiding carbs while prioritizing protein and fat. And gluten is the protein from wheat (also used to make seitan- a meat substitute) so it fits nicely into the Keto lifestyle. It wouldn’t work well for someone with celiac disease, but we’re not particularly sensitive to it in this household.
      I mostly picked up the clock in order to have one for the back yard so I could see when it was dinner time. Because, priorities!

      • I have talked about this SO many times that my fingers are tangling with grief. No one I’ve met on here is capable of writing daily. At least, not content longer than a few lines. Poets might get away with some rhyming ramble of 30 words. But, you and I both know we want to say more each time we speak. I just think this isn’t so much about writing exercise as it is a verbal version of your daily physical exercise. You want to be a writer in motion just as you go for a run/walk and collect tree sap or whatever. Except, what would you collect here, online? I don’t have a clue.

        I think those bits and pieces just need some air and a friendly embrace to stimulate growth into something more satisfying. Just as I struggle to complete even a page for one of my books. Rather than run my engine into the ground going nowhere, I need some other kind of mental stimulation to get me going.

        What sense does it make to forego carbs and push fats? Fats and carbs both have good and bad sides/types. And, we need both of the good ones. Gluten is a protein??? Meat substitutes? Now we’re getting Star Trek replicator-y, here.

        You get lost in the backyard and forget when you’re hungry for dinner? Or, you need to be on a clock with every little thing you do?

      • I’ll go out into the back yard after work to water plants and power around and I’m notorious for losing track of the time. Earlier in the spring it was ok because I’d come inside when the sun went down and still be close to dinner hour, but now it is light until 8pm! So the clock was so that I’d be able to know when to wrap things up. Unfortunately, when I put the battery in, the hour hands just stated going around at top speed, So clearly it must have a short in it somewhere. Sigh

      • So, you’re like a butterfly or forest sprite, fluttering among the flowers with no concept of human responsibilities. I just cannot believe you don’t already have a clock, that you’d need to adopt one that was cast out…or did a neighbor notice you having troubles and donate a clock, knowing you had no such thing…which seems odd to me…and slightly depressing.

        Ah. So, not the theory about the helpful neighbor. The clock was defective and not properly dumped in some landfill…or recycled. It wasn’t meant to be.

  2. And, yea, you sure look sunny and zen in that (recent?) photo. I can hear the birds chirping and feel the sun.

    • Thanks! It sure felt zen: if only I could feel that chill all the time.

      • If you were chill that way all of the time, you’d never look like you needed a hug or affection, I suppose. 🙂 Or, does that look say “Come get some,” instead? 😛 What if you make a photo cutout of that smiling face of yours and carry it on a painting stick like a mask, like those gals in the anti-depressant commercials. 😀 So, even when you’re not feeling it, you can put your best smile forward.

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