Crow Dream

In my dream, I am running along my usual route: a stretch of bike path near my home. I see two crows on the ground- they seem to be a pair; one is slightly on top of the other. It is close to the place where, in waking life, I’d found crow feathers (two crow feathers on two separate days). As I got closer, I wondered if they would be giving me another feather, and as I approached, sure enough, one of them produced a feather for me. (I can’t remember if they gave it to me or left it for me on the ground). I picked it up and continued on my way.

Then I woke up.

It was a gray morning and I really didn’t want to get out of bed. “Dysania” is the word for having trouble getting out of bed and I had dysania in the worst way. But I did eventually drag myself upright and head out the door for a run.

I was running along my usual route- a stretch of bike path near my home, when I saw a crow. It was a different stretch of bike path than my dream, and the crow (raven? It had a beard) was overhead on the power lines instead of the ground, but it still threw me back to my dream. I blew kisses towards it, as I usually do, wondering faintly whether it would be giving me a feather.

No sooner did this thought cross my mind than the crow (raven?) in question shed a feather. I watched in disbelief as it floated down through the air (floats like a feather indeed) as I approached. I worried for a moment that it would land on the wrong side of the fence where I wouldn’t be able to reach it, but as it got lower it drifted effortlessly through the wire to where I could pluck it out of the air.

I brought it home. I still have it. I’m not sure if I should be amazed or creeped out by the whole experience. And I still don’t know what it means, if it means anything, but I feel somehow reassured.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 19, 2020.

10 Responses to “Crow Dream”

  1. I’m both amazed and creeped-out at the same time, probably similar to how you feel. How surreal to experience a “woke” moment from a dream. That’s sort of Inception-ish; are you sure you’re awake now? Maybe blowing kisses at birds is enough to shake their feathers free; maybe you are queen of the crows. Maybe you’re some crow spirit…I forget the Japanese word…wait…tengu. You should watch some episodes of Urusei Yatsura and look for the crow queen; I think her name is Kurama.

    The bird in reality had a beard or the one in the dream? I’ve seen a crow-like bird in Pokemon that has a beard; are there actual black birds that grow white beards?…or just pale breasts that look like beards? A black bird with a white breast or breast patch…could that be a magpie?

    I haven’t found a crow feather since I was a kid. And, I only see actual crows in my area, now, maybe a few days out of a year. As a kid, I used to go to a local park and find black feathers with the white fuzz near the quill tip at least two trips out of the year, about the same time I’d find those honey locust pods. But, now, all I am lucky to find is a rare turkey or hawk feather….or what the hawk ate for dinner…bleh.

    • Hmm Crow queen- I like that, but I’m pretty sure I belong to the turtles.
      As for the “beard” it was just a thick ruff of black feathers under its chin: I’m pretty sure it’s called a “beard” on a raven but I didn’t look it up. I’ve seen a cluster of ravens lately- they are BIG! Yesterday there were six of them. No new feathers though.

      • How do you associate with turtles? Are you April O’Neil? 😛

        When has a turtle ever left you something like a feather? The birds are either reaching out to you, or you just happen to be living in their bathhouse and collecting their dead skin cells and soap scum.

        BLACK beard? Not a white beard? I’ve never heard of birds with beards…just breasts…breasted.

        Yes, crows have gotten bigger over the years; pretty soon, I suspect, they might be the new “raptors” in a modern Jurassic Park.

        What is that old rhyme about blackbirds? And, is 6 good or bad luck?

      • You never answered my question(s) about the turtles and feathers. Wait. You just reminded me of the movie without words that involves a turtle…Red Turtle. Are you suggesting you are one of the turtle people in that movie? 😀

      • I’m not familiar with that movie? And forgive me: I’ve completely forgotten your question

      • Red Turtle? It was a big award-buzz film a few years ago. It’s an animated foreign film about a man lost at sea who ends up on a deserted island with a mysterious woman with some mythical history. There is almost zero dialogue in the film; it is 99.8 percent sounds and interpretations of scenes. A very artistic mythical film. It’s like a salad you’ve never eaten before and which has an acquired taste.

        UGH, I’m just going to go back to my rabbit hole…

      • Sounds fascinating- I’m going to write it down this time so I remember to look it up

      • 🙂 I await your opinion of it. Also, if you have not seen it, give Song of the Sea a try. It’s a little more…er, immature? in it’s animation but equally emotionally evocative about a mythical creature and a human relationship. Red Turtle is a challenge to watch without dialogue; so I recommend watching it early-er in the day (versus when you are tired). You don’t want to fall asleep halfway through.

      • Probably best to do it with no distractions too

      • Uh, yea. It should be a no-brainer to watch without some scrolling device within reach.

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