Still Alive!

My new Pomodoro timer to help me stay on task. It has a nice tick and a terrifying ring.

Hey y’all, a few alert readers might’ve noticed that I haven’t posted much lately and it would make sense to find that worrying, but… I’m still Alive! I’m still doing well! I’ve just gotten tangled up in too many projects and not enough time management. I’m going to make an effort to begin posting again, even if they’re brief, so… Stay tuned!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 24, 2020.

11 Responses to “Still Alive!”

  1. The important bit is that you’re okay.

    I seem to be drifting in and out of focus, myself. I haven’t had much to write about, either. But, that’s okay. Our lives aren’t meant to be recorded in blog.

    And, that timer is sure to get on (my) nerves. My mom has a tomato timer that is defective; it does not wind or ring properly, anymore.

    Safety hugs.

    • Lol yeah I’ve already opened it up to look at the innards- it does seem to help keep me on task

      • Maybe there is a Veggie Tales alternative with a nicer “ring” to it? 😀 You took it apart? Perhaps a visual stimulus system would work better for you? What about a cork board of images that prompt thoughts of various tasks you want to tackle each day? So, for example, if you want to make sure you get to the library, post a picture of that library or a book with a library label on the spine. Put the board where you’re sure to glance often, and see if the images don’t click in order, reminding you of the schedule you wish to follow. Just a thought….I should probably practice/try it before I preach it. 😀 But, the thought just came to me.

      • That’s a good idea for inspiration I think, but the tick off the timer is what reminds me not to get off task: it’s kind of a reverse procrastination- I use it to put off getting distracted (whereas the visual board would likely send me into a daydream)

      • Anything that ticks like a clock gets on my nerves; and I don’t need more anxiety or pressure. If I want that, I might as well have someone stern stand behind me with a yard stick in their hands, ready to strike like an old-fashioned nun. I suppose you don’t have a disciplinarian, either. But, any time I hear ticking, I think of Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart and cannot focus on my work/fun. I have been playing games on the clock; and half the fun is lost in worrying about the time.

        The point of the visual board is to glance at/past it, not focus all afternoon on it. 😛 But, if you get stuck like that, I should send artwork of mine so you stare at that all day. 😛

      • I like to think of it like a metronome more than a timer, but then I like the sound of mechanical clocks- I find them soothing. Lol. Different strokes for Different folks

      • But, a metronome has a different beat. And, even a metronome bothers me. I could see if it helped me with timing a beat during guitar or piano lessons. But, during a test or some other work? No way! Yea, well to each their own. I refuse to work around any ticking machine.

      • Fair enough: everybody has their own combination of ideal working conditions 🙂

      • …Yep. But, I cannot say I’ve ever been able to work in ideal conditions. I’m used to “putting up with crap,” which is one of the only reasons I’d survive something like that reality TV game show Big Brother (which I just wrote about and caught myself up on like a fool). Others may complain or just be too stupid to care. I’d care but realize/accept the situation, publicly complain less (unless I can just go off on the cameras and bitch at the makers of the show!) and survive to the bitter end, hopefully coming away from it all with something worth more than a half-million dollars.

      • Lol yeah they do always seem to choose contestants for reality shows like that based on how much drama they will create instead of how well they can tolerate discomfort- I guess that’s what makes for interesting television

      • It’s what makes me groan and fast forward to the results. I feel like joining Jimmy Kimmel in a betting pool.

        You’re in California; do you run into these people or see booths drawing in big-mouthed, over-dramatic fools?

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