One Goal

Long weekends are a trap. I fall into it every time: “Oh wow! Three days with no obligations! I’ll get so much done!” I tell myself, foolishly, on the Friday before. “I’ll read so many books! I’ll work on my novel/screenplay! I’ll sew a couture gown! I’ll finally teach myself Latin! I’ll trim the garden into topiary!”

And so on.

Unsurprisingly, I accomplished none of this. I watched “Little Fires Everywhere” and “Cobra Kai”, ventured into Costco, tested out a new glass cutting kit and generally laid low trying not to die of the heat as temperatures hit 121 degrees. No joke.

By Monday, I figured out I wasn’t going to get everything done so I might as well pick one thing to try to get done. In spite of having dozens of other unfinished projects that I could have worked on, I decided I wanted to sew something. And by “something” I mean a lounging gown for around the house. I’ve pretty much given up on wearing pants so my two long dresses are getting worn to pieces. I thought it might be a project I could turn around in a single day.

Well, mostly.

I got most of the dress put together: I suppose it would have gone more smoothly and/or quickly if I’d actually used a pattern or had any kind of plan. Mostly my “plan” consisted of wrapping my self in fabric and pinning it in place, then shimmying it of it to run a line or two of stitches, then putting it back on, pinning some more, and repeating the process again and again all day long.

So, I’m covered in pin scratches and I have *most* of a dress made, but I feel pretty good about it- aside from the fact that I now have another unfinished project on my list. Le sigh.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 8, 2020.

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