Time Capsule

The cat didn’t want me to go alone.

I went to pick up my personal effects from the Paramount lot yesterday. In truth, I was looking forward to the outing even though I knew it would only take me about fifteen minutes to gather everything, return my laptop, and drop off a few thank you notes on other coworkers’ desks.

Walking back into the office was like walking into a time capsule. Time had simply stopped sometime in March and nothing had moved since: the dirty spoon still rested on my desk, waiting to be taken to the kitchen. The lemon I’d picked off the tree was now dried into a hard brown husk. The half-drunk energy shot taunted me on day three of my caffeine detox. I threw it away.

The Edward Gorey calendar pinned to my cubicle wall was still on March. It was still good: the past six months might’ve felt like a decade, but it was still only 2020 and I was pleased to think I could pin it up at home and still get some use out of it, although I felt some regret at all the months I’d missed out on. There were postcards wishing me a Merry Christmas. Postcards congratulating me on the new job- the same job I was now leaving. Postcards wishing me a happy anniversary- mere days away from once again being relative. A certificate of First Flight in a hot air balloon from last October- feeling both like “Just yesterday” and “A million years ago”.

There was a laptop charger I’d completely forgotten I owned. A pair of shoes I’d completely forgotten I owned. A shawl that I remembered I owned, but thought was tucked in a drawer at home somewhere. A parasol that I’ve been missing mightily during the sunny summertime months.

Oh, and a smorgasbord of snacks. Still good. Ish.

So it was quite the journey down memory lane. Now on to bigger and better things!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 1, 2020.

4 Responses to “Time Capsule”

  1. Heard! Feels like we’re all ending up in the same place. As the world turns lol when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. My husband Chef Michael, of 23 years has been in the Motion Picture and Television Industry feeding the Cast and crews on Movie Sets since 1997 has been saying the same thing, “What a Journey”! Its not a job lol its an adventure! He knows you from Disapearences! Thats how fast time flys by! In 1998 we were married had 2 children and fast forward to our youngest is turning 21 this October 19th. Filming will come and go, all that really matters is Love, Family and the Universe inside us !

    • What?! Smallest of small worlds! The food on that show was delicious and I still remember it as a highlight of each day even if the rest of the time was spent freezing in the Vermont mud, LOL. I hope you’re well!

  2. Doing Amazingly Well Thank You. Remember the snow in April? Congratulations on all you’ve done! So much to be Proud of!

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