Aldi Effect

Have you ever been to an Aldi? If you have, then you probably understand what I mean when I say “the Aldi effect”.

Aldi is a grocery store. It’s German owned- a relative to the Trader Joes brand but with a slightly more down-to-earth aesthetic. It has no faintly Caribbean theme. It just looks like a normal grocery store. It sells the basics. Nearly everything is store brand. The prices are reasonable and the variety changes over just regularly enough for there to always be something new.

The place is a menace.

I say that with all due affection: I love Aldi. We waited with GREAT anticipation for one to open up in our area. We count an “Aldi Run” as an outing these days. But it’s still a menace. It’s nearly impossible to get out of the store without impulse buying two or three (or four, or five) things you didn’t come in for but OMGhadtohave!

It was supposed to be a quick trip: all I needed was eggs and cheese.

And a red onion.

Okay, and some cabbage.

And the mushrooms always are good, so…

Oh, hey, and keto friendly wraps for taco night.

And that cauliflower crust pizza that tastes so good.

And some salmon, you know, since I’m there.

And keto ice cream.

And some greeting cards.




Suffice to say, my shopping trip was not quite as streamlined as I might’ve hoped: that’s the Aldi effect.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 14, 2020.

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