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The weather has finally turned cool, and earlier in the week we were abraded with high winds that managed to bring down some trees in the neighborhood. We finally turned off the air conditioning and turned on the heat and immediately the dust settled in my sinuses to give me a headache that has somewhat muted my enjoyment of the cooler weather. Everything is a trade off.

Being back at work has added some structure back to the middle of my day, which actually feels like a nice change of pace so far. But it’s only day two.

Yesterday, I had to forgo my evening run while I got used to the new schedule, but I’m optimistic that I should be able to get out for one today. It looks nice outside.

I did manage to finish reading “Rage” by Bob Woodward, as recommended to me by a previous boss. It was very well done and an interesting read: I was glad to get some context around some of the upheavals from the past four years that only made it into my awareness by way of internet outrage, which is not the most reliable of resources.

I feel like I have very little sense of where the country is heading in the coming days as the election results come in. Four years ago I felt great optimism in spite of finding myself in a world that seemed to be defined by absurdity. This time, I feel like I’m grinding forward with my head down; trying stay focused on the present. After all, there’s only a week left to go before we find out whether we have split off into the Charmed or the Strange splinter universe.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 28, 2020.

4 Responses to “Charmed/Strange”

  1. My recommendation, if it matters, is to tune out all the political traffic, internet or otherwise, and focus on living. When we stick our heads up, trying to read the signs, we just get run over by a blur of skewed media and barking politicians. Is it really worth listening until we can sit down with the players in the game to get their input on the matter? If your only sources of info are the internet and some book, meh. Not what I’d call food for thought. More like junk food. 🙂

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