Changes Ahead

So, alert readers may have noticed that it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog here. These days of quarantine have been affecting all of us in different ways and for me it was becoming a daily struggle to think of new things to write each day, so I gave myself permission to step back from it for a while. My mood has been quite good: this wasn’t a decision made out of depression. Instead, it was more of a question of bandwidth: I’ve been grinding away on rewrites on the manuscript for my novel as well as polishing up a screenplay and that has occupied most of my writerly focus each day.

What does that mean for moving forward?

At present, all my energy is being directed towards preparations to self publish my novel. My goal is to release by the end of June and the good news is that it will be FREEEEE! As a matter of fact, I’m going to be repurposing this wordpress site as a platform on which to release chapters on a bi-weekly basis.

If you’re already a subscriber, consider yourself on The A List: you will be among the first to receive notice when the chapters are released. I’m excited to share my first “official” work of long-form fiction with you and I hope you will enjoy it, but I do realize that it’s not for everybody. Maybe you followed me because I wrote about running. Or maybe you followed me because I wrote about keto baking. Maybe you’re just not that keen on fiction, or you find sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, colorful language and poor taste to be off-putting. It seems only fair to give you a heads up about the changes ahead.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll stay tuned!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 4, 2021.

15 Responses to “Changes Ahead”

  1. Color me intrigued. But, also color me mildly concerned.

    If you are so eager to “self publish” for free, I would be interested in seeing a full copy of the book with an iron-clad promise not to share it with anyone; for my eyes only. I also would caution you to NOT be so free with your hard work, whether or not the lack of a price comes with doubt about failure/success. I could go on for hours about weighing the matters of charity and financial security, about artistic freedom and protecting one’s work.

    Of course, if you post portions of the book (for review), I’d be happy to go over them for/with you. But, a more private method of edit-and-review would probably be more beneficial to you.

    Your lack of posts here is probably less concerning than an absence of total contact to/with those who matter most to you. I am sure, during this lagging time of fear and chaos, more and more of us are tuning out of “social media” and withdrawing into ourselves for sheer survival.

    Stay safe.

    I haven’t had much to write, myself…or haven’t felt motivated to post. But, my mailbox remains open for those who wish/need to speak with me. If you need a friend, I’m not too far away.

    • As I’m learning in my research, self-publishing is gaining both popularity and legitimacy these days as a non-traditional outlet for writers to share their work, and it’s quite common to have one’s first book be “perma-free” as a way to introduce readers to your writing. The real goal is to build your audience and find people who will be interested in buying more of your work down the line.

      I appreciate your offer to beta read, but I’m in a solid place with a professional editor at the moment for story needs, and I will be fully copyrighting everything before offering it online so it will be protected (inasmuch as anything is protected in this modern age). Don’t fret! I’m not doing this willy-nilly!

      • You COOOOULD also sample your writing in other forms, like a few short stories. On my previous blog, I was posting short stories quite often…and even posted two mini-series. It was all for free, yet I was technically writing either about fellow bloggers from the same site or stories inspired by my encounters with them. One just happened to have the same title as a piece written by the one and only Taylor Swift. [At least, I think she wrote it.]

        Let’s hope your editor is better than the one Sue Grafton had.

      • I could write short stories, but really this manuscript is what I want to put out into the world right now:-)
        Was Sue Grafton’s editor problematic? It doesn’t seem to have slowed her down at all

      • And, what are you putting out into the world as it is, such a torrid mess of chaos, distrust and dismay? Who needs post-apoc’ stories at a time like this? 😛 The world is already a divergent hunger game. Ha. Oh, is that a new moon? You bet your Jacob it is.

        Yes. I found many errors in her alphabet mysteries. Some my old teachers would have tagged with red ink. Some lousy punctuation and even spelling and verb-tense errors. One wonders how badly the team to write and publish was rushed…which is why I want no such demand on my creative work. I won’t be pushed to finish sooner. I put out what I can when I can. I’m no cow.

        Doesn’t? Deary, she died, already. She can’t go much slower. She never finished writing book Z. Many authors put out strings of books. But, I’d hope, looking back at books I recall reading in school, I would not find as many errors and still appreciate the stories. I’d hope publishers in the 80s were more sensible than the hustle-bustle types we seem to have today. I am sick of everything being rushed to feed some sick need for speed.

  2. Also, if your first? book turns out to be a good one (anything is possible), I will be inclined to offer you a copy of my first book at a fair price 😀 [Possibly the same free fee.] However, that book of mine is not entirely ready for “final press.” It’s still in a review state. And, I’d make similar disclaimers, except any “adult content” in my book(s) is more suggestive than explicit, most of the time. [There may be a rare instance of some shocking sexuality/nudity. Drug use is more theatrical, to make a point, than realistic. I am not keen on real-life drug-addiction scenes. And, I have zero tolerance for gratuitous (pointlessly inserted) sex scenes.]

  3. Also, COOOOOL window shades! I must find or make some of those. That could open up a whole new can of creativity with felt.

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