About The Author

GWYDHAR GEBIEN (Pronounced Gwed-ra Gay-bin)

Gwydhar Gebien is a writer, an artist and a filmmaker; originally from Chicago now transplanted in Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in film production. She is still *pretty sure* her subversive sense of humor would do well in a television writers’ room.

With a background in theatre from Illinois Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in film production from University of Southern California she has most recently put her training to good use at Paramount Animation as a script/story/edit assistant.

An eldritch creature of introverted disposition, Gwydhar, lives a quiet life in a pink house with her husband and a cat and a minivan, but can occasionally be coaxed out into the open with music, snacks, or a single-malt whisky.

6 Responses to “About The Author”

  1. That’s a great name. I thought it was Welsh.

  2. I am glad that I was able to get you our bitter-sweet. I was told that it arrived on time. I do hope so.

    As far as contacting your mom and Dean, prayer works for me with my Dad. He is taking good care of his great-grandchildren.

    Have an unbelievable marriage.


    • It did arrive on time and was GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for cutting and sending it! We’re sorry you weren’t able to make it to the wedding in real life but we know you were there in spirit!

  3. Enjoyed your wedding very much- thanks for having us!
    Great to see all the Brattons – don’t get together too often?
    Some suggestions on New Orleans we discussed:

    Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro
    Well-known contemporary jazz club and restaurant.

    Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Preservation Hall –
    The Preservation Hall is a musical venue in the French Quarter
    founded in 1961 to protect and honor New Orleans Jazz. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band …

    Irene’s Cuisine – Review of Irene’s Cuisine Restaurant in …
    http://www.frommers.com › … › Louisiana › New Orleans › Restaurants –

    Commander’s Palace – Legendary New Orleans restaurant located in the Garden District
    a little expensive, but worth it for lunch – across from a neat cemetery!
    2-course lunches starting at $16 and 25¢ martinis. …


    If you want to try the casino; they actually have pretty good live music there..


  4. Hello:

    Been following your webcomic “The Werewif” for some time now, but never knew about your blog. How small a world it is! You see, you attended IWU, though I know not when (probably when Minor Myers was president); my grandfather was IWU’s president from 1957 through 1967, and the Commons there is named after him.

    Also, it’s interesting to see that you’re a filmmaker. I’m an aspiring screenwriter (after a long career of software development, life threw me a curve and saddled me with cardiomyopathy, which has kept me from working since 2002 😦 Oh well).

    Best of luck to you for 2011, for your marriage, and for your work in film. Something tells me that you’re going to go very far.



    • Hi Jon
      Thanks so much for the comment! Yes I was at IWU when Minor Myers was the president: he was actually one of the reasons why I ultimately chose to go there but sadly he passed away before I graduated.

      I hope you will continue to follow this blog (heck- maybe even subscribe 😉 but as an aspiring screenwriter you might be interested to know about our production company Blue Damen Pictures’s blog as well which is http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/blue-streak/. If you are interested in knowing more about us I’d love to share, but I don’t want to drown you in information here so just let me know 🙂

      Thanks again for the comment. Also, you could think of it as being “saddled with cardiomyopathy” or you could think of it as being given a big heart 😉


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